Willy WyamanEdit

Willy ("will" Wyman)is the protagonist of Willy and Warren Show and Warren's friend. 


Willy seems to like Warren all the time thinking he's his best friend (but he still finds him really annoying and dumb) all though warren appreciates Willy backing him up when he gets into trouble.Willy and Warren have a good/hate relationship.This is probably why Warren hates him at times while Willy likes him alot.Willy defends him more often example of this when he tries to save him from a giant teen he preached to him saying "Your actions are a bad influence to my best friend and a threat to everybody you have a temper problem i suggest you need to take a deep breath".Willy is a upbeat boy,a cheerful and helpful to others understanding there stories and personalities,his is always there for help.Willy and Warren need each other to save there backs.